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Magic - One Direction 

'Cause you, you've got this spell on me
I don’t know what to believe
Kiss you once now I can’t leave
'Cause everything you do is magic


Shoutout to the females that compliment each other, that jealousy shit dead



Creepy Text Theatre by Machinima ETC


me unemployed: tch…. capitalism…

me employed: i been gettin munny where tf u been

i accidentally dropped cereal on my floor this morning and didn’t clean it up bc obviously and now my whole room smells like cinnamon toast crunch


Me: is very chill
You: is not very chill and should probably take some lessons from me. $45 dollars for the first hour plus $10 an hour for any additional time.

pinkmaned replied to your post “jacqueline! sorry to bug but would you mind recommending me some books?”

jeremy fink was so good omg i haven’t thought of that book in YEARS!!!!!

i read it in like 2 days and it made me cry so much omg!!! DID U KNOW THEY MADE A MOVIE OF IT i literally had no clue until i googled it today


be your OWN problematic fave

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they originally put me in kids and i wanted to kill myself

it’s so sad there it’s literally empty most of the time so they’d have me work by myself and when ppl would actually come it was always parents (mostly moms) returning like 10000 things

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yessss omg i was working upstairs in lingerie all the time with old people!!!! and then i complained a lot so they moved me to juniors lmao but still it sucked so much

same like i was always working in the mens dept. and sometimes in the kids’ but yeah it was all older ppl who work in those like it was actually ridiculous i talked to like 2 ppl and only ever occasionally it was so sad

ME TOO OH MY GOD I started in november and lasted until may when i quit omg

my sister worked there all through high school and part of college i couldnt even take 4 months like people are so unnecessarily rude and i was never scheduled to work with ppl my age so i literally never talked to anyone

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yeah you did too?? i worked there toward the end of last year aka through black friday/christmas and it’s the scariest thing and ppl are so rude it was actually traumatizing